Update on the Quality Assurance Group

The Cabinet Office decided to open up the government’s analysis of the responses to the Better use of data in government consultation to external review. To carry out this review, Involve has established a Consultation Quality Assurance Group and a quality assurance process under which the review will be carried out.

We are pleased to announce that we received ten nominations to sit on the Quality Assurance Group, and accepted eight of those nominations.  We based selection on the criteria outlined in the Terms of Reference, in particular that nominees:

  1. could demonstrate a strong commitment to the OPM process and have attended at least one of the OPM events;
  2. have sufficient expertise to be able to contribute fully to one or more of the proposals or cross-cutting themes that arise;
  3. work for a recognised civil society or academic organisation.

Below are the names of the eight members of the Quality Assurance Group:

  1. Edgar Whitley, London School of Economic and Political Science
  2. Claudia Pagliari, University of Edinburgh
  3. Roeland Beerten, Royal Statistical Society
  4. Professor Matthew Woollard, UK Data Archive
  5. Javier Ruiz Diaz, Open Rights Group
  6. Vanessa Cuthill, Economic and Social Research Council
  7. Daniel Nesbitt, Big Brother Watch
  8. Kieron O’Hara, University of Southampton

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